Blog | Is ‘going green’ really making a difference?

Did you know that deforestation accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than the global transport sector? Or that one tonne of recycled paper saves approximately six mature trees and 3.3 cubic yards of rapidly diminishing landfill space?

We all know that we should be ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ as much as possible but what impact does this actually have? Well we believe, quite a big one. At Wood Richardson we have a ‘go green’ ethos and we want to encourage our customers to do the same or at least make more informed decisions based on all of the options available.

For years we’ve been using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited paper as our house paper stock. FSC is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. It has developed a system of certification that enables people to identify responsibly sourced paper, wood and other forest products. You know something is FSC certified when it contains the ‘tick-tree’ logo.

So apart from paper stocks, how else can we be as ethical as possible and help to look after the environment?

Well we work with our clients to look at different options at every stage of the print process. We can make recommendations on paper size to reduce waste, suggest environmentally friendly inks such as vegetable-based inks, and offer information on a range of paper stocks and finishing considerations to make the finished product more easily recyclable.

Not only is the decision to ‘go green’ an ethical one, it is also a strategic one. It makes good business sense for us and allows us to promote best practice in what we do.

As well as guiding customers through the options of sustainable printing, we are also constantly investing in our production processes and print presses to ensure our equipment stays at the cutting edge of the industry. By operating ‘computer to plate’ and ‘closed loop colour control’, the number of ‘make ready’ sheets needed are reduced, thereby minimising overall energy consumption – another win for being as environmentally friendly as possible.

But surely ‘going green’ makes everything that bit more expensive for the customer?

In short, no it doesn’t. Whilst Wood Richardson pays a cost to be FSC certified this cost isn’t passed on to the customer in any way. So price doesn’t have to be an overriding factor when making your print decisions. And being able to comply with the highest social and environmental standards in the market is a small price that Wood Richardson are willing to pay to ensure that they are doing their bit to keep the world a greener place.

How will I measure up?

London-based Firetree books, a publishing company which produces a range of books featuring children who are under-represented has used Wood Richardson to produce its new promotional height chart.

Firetree’s ethos is that all children should find themselves in the books they read and that today’s multi-cultural society should be represented in books across the UK. They work with schools to develop ideas and content for the books and empower children to be part of the whole book creation process.

Firetree decided to create a height chart to promote two of its books that look at jobs children might do when they grow up. So children can measure their height and think of career options at the same time.

Editor Simona Sideri said, “We wanted to create a height chart as a fun tool to engage children. As the chart is 152cm long, many printers weren’t able to print the chart as a single sheet. I did a search and found that Wood Richardson had produced something similar for another client. We’ve been very happy with the service we received and the quality of the finished product.”

Sales Manager Simon Pirie added, “Xeikon 500D machine is unique in that it can print up to 6 meters long on both sides from 100 to 350 gsm paper. Not many printers can offer this service. It’s great that we’ve been able to deliver what Firetree Books needed and that they are pleased with the end result.”

For more information on Firetree books please visit:

Many strings to printer’s bow

Wood Richardson printer Simon Kale is a man of many talents. As a keen photographer in his spare time he was delighted to be asked to take photos throughout the year to be featured in the 2017 Wood Richardson wall calendar.

Simon, who has worked at Wood Richardson for 13 years, said: “I’ve been interested in photography since 2006 and the sales team saw some of the wildlife shots I had taken on social media. They asked me to compile a selection of images of birds and animals throughout the year and picked the best ones to go into the calendar. I’m delighted that they think my photos are good enough to represent the business.”

The calendar featuring Simon’s images, many of them taken at the RSPB and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, will be delivered to our customers in the New Year.

Simon’s bright idea

October saw the Illuminating York Festival visit the city for the second year running with Wood Richardson supporting the cause. Angus McArthur of Snow Home ran a project to install beautiful ceramic bunny lights in 50 shop windows around the city and Sales Manager Simon Pirie was invited to create a piece for the project.

“There were lots of well-known York artists and creatives working on the bunnies, so I was feeling the pressure to come up with something that could sit alongside such illustrious company,” said Simon. “Inspiration came from the classic Penguin book series. I decided to mimic the famous logo with a black and white bunny version and playfully altered some classic titles such as ‘The Hoppit’ and ‘Hucklebunny Finn’. The classic books theme was a perfect fit to represent us as printers and I really enjoyed creating the bunny light.”

Wood Richardson also printed 5000 bunny bingo cards as part of the project which were all collected by children searching for bunnies around York. Many of the finished bunnies were later auctioned on eBay to raise money for two local charities; St Leonard’s Hospice and SNAPPY. We are delighted that Simon’s bunny got 30 bids and raised a total of £155. Over £2000 was raised for charity from the auction. A job well done all round.

Wood Richardson sales team to create a free ‘guide to printing’ pack to help you with all your printing decisions

Wood Richardson is delighted to announce that they are in the process of creating a ‘guide to printing’ pack which will be launched in the New Year and available to all of their customers.

The pack will include helpful tools such as a wallet of different paper stocks so that customers can see and feel a variety of options before deciding which paper to use for their materials and a colour spectrum showing how different colours look when printed using different print methods and across various paper stocks.

Wood Richardson will be providing more information on a different print topic every month in order for people to feel more in control and informed when making print decisions. Topics will include why you should consider digital printing and a handy reference guide on printing terms and references, which can sometimes be confusing.

The ‘guide to printing’ pack will be available to existing and new customers. For more information and to order your pack, please revisit this site in the New Year.