Blog | Taking Stock – How to choose the right paper weight, type and finish for your print

So, your printed materials have been beautifully designed and your artwork is ready to send to print. Now comes the all-important decision about what to print it on and the best paper stock, size and finish to complement the product.

You may want to think about what you want the product to say about you and your brand, how long does the product need to last and the impact you want to achieve?

Paper weights/thickness

Paper weights are measured in gsm – grams per square metre – which refers to the substance weight of the paper. The feel and thickness of the paper can vary between different papers, this can make the choice a little confusing.  Generally, a heavier paper tends to feel thicker and is more expensive as the price you pay for the stock is based on the weight

However, there is also a misconception that weight is thickness, this is not the case and can vary between types of stock with different brands of paper being the same weight but can be noticeably different thicknesses.  The thickness of paper is measured in microns, which are fractions of millimetres.

Paper type

Choice of paper can make a big difference to the appearance of a finished piece of design and can say a lot about your brand. If you are looking for a more natural look and feel, you might choose an uncoated paper stock, whereas if you are looking to create a smooth feel, you may prefer a paper stock with a ‘coating’.  This is a paper that has been coated to impart certain qualities to the paper for example gloss or silk finish.

In addition, the paper type you’ve chosen for your print can impact dramatically on the way colour appears on the paper.  This is particularly relevant with coated and uncoated stocks, where the colours can appear slightly muted or duller on an uncoated stock and sharper, brighter and cleaner on a coated type of paper. Uncoated paper types absorb more of the ink and so mute the colour on the page. The shade of the paper can also have an impact on the colour as not all papers are ‘white’.  Seek advice from your printer to see if the colour you envisage will match up to the reality of your finished print.

Help is at hand!

We’ve created a FREE Print Buyers’ Pack to help our customers understand how to get the best from their print.  The pack includes our ‘Taking Stock’ leaflet which contains a variety of paper weights and samples of different finishes so you can see how these differences can enhance the quality of your printed materials. It even shows how the same colour prints differently across each paper finish so that you can see how dramatically colour can change across different types of paper before you make your final printing decision. All of which should help you to make a more informed decision on choosing the right paper stock for your print.

Just ask us

At Wood Richardson, we work closely with our customers from the beginning of a print project, advising them on the best choice of paper stock and then providing samples for them to see and feel. If you are working on a booklet or other item that needs folding or maybe has a cover, we can even mock up a few samples before they are printed so you can feel the weight of the item and see how it will feel when completed.

To sign up to receive your free Wood Richardson Print Buyers’ Pack please click here.

Introducing Euan Campbell

We are delighted to introduce a fresh new face to our team, Euan Campbell.

Working within print production all of his professional life, Euan joins our team as an Estimator and is eager to get involved with the diverse work we do at Wood Richardson. Euan previously worked in the large scale magazine printing company Polestar in Sheffield and has also worked as a production manager for the food packaging industry.

Euan commented: ‘’As a family run business with a long history in York, I’m looking forward to helping Wood Richardson grow within its sector. I’m especially keen to be involved with Digital Printing as it’s a popular market which allows printers to improve the levels of service they offer.’’

We are all very pleased to have Euan as part of our team!

Working with Henry Farrar to produce a book – ‘A Golden Age in Film’

Earlier this year, we guided Henry Farrar through the printing process of his book, ‘A Golden Age in Film’. The book is a personal account of the BBC’s Film Unit from its foundation until 1989. Henry had a strong emotional attachment to the book and so we worked closely with him to make sure that quality of book reflected his care and attention to detail.

Here is what Henry said:

“The book arrived on schedule and the quality of work excellent. The text is very crisp and clear and all the images are printed to the highest quality. Many of my former workmates, who are professional photographers, have remarked on the quality of the images. The quality of the cover and binding are outstanding. I am most pleased with the work and will certainly be in touch when my next book is ready.” Henry Farrar, Author, A Golden Age in Film.

A Golden Age in Film was printed on 130 gsm gloss paper, perfect bound with laminated cover.

A Golden Age in Film is available direct from the author for £15.00 including postage and packaging. Email for your copy.

Tim running the York Marathon

Our Sales Manager, Tim Falconer, is putting on his running shoes once again to take part in the Plusnet York Marathon on Sunday 8th October to raise as much money as possible for Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA)!

The marathon, which showcases the very best of the City of York and surrounding countryside, is a 26.2 mile route with over 7,000 runners taking part.

Tim ran his first marathon earlier this year, completing the London Marathon in just over 6 hours.

Tim says: “Well I did say I would never do it again! The charity is close to my heart having lost my friend from this cruel disease last year at only 32 years old! Having been disappointed with my time from London in April, York gave me the opportunity to not only better my time but to raise some money for MNDA. Training is going a lot better this time so fingers crossed!! If you feel like coming out and shouting some words of encouragement in my direction that would be great. I’ll be the one in the Mr Slow running vest!”

We’re all very proud of his dedication to training so far and hope he succeeds in his goal to better his London Marathon time and raise as much as he can for MNDA.

To sponsor Tim visit:

Personalised Christmas Cards – Free Artwork!

With only 12 weeks to go, Christmas will soon be upon us!

Now is a good time to think about creating your own personalised Christmas cards to send to all your customers. We’re offering free artworking on Christmas Cards this season until 30th November 2017 and excellent prices too! Buy 100 cards with envelopes for only £94 + VAT* and we’ll create a unique design just for you.

Supply us with a picture (or we could source one for you*), confirm your text and signatures if you wish, then we’ll do the rest.

Please get in touch!

*There may be a charge for third party library images, though royalty free images are available.

We have created a FREE Print Buyers’ Pack to help customers get the most from their printing

We have created a FREE Print Buyers’ Pack to help customers get the most from their printing.

The pack contains handy guides to help you make more informed printing decisions from artwork stage through to the finished printed product and understand the magic you can create by working with a high quality printer.

Included in the pack are swatches of different paper stocks and finishes including how colour is affected by printing on different materials. The choice of paper weight and finish says a lot about your brand and so the aim is to help you to envisage what your product will look like once it is printed.

Also included in the Pack are the pros and cons of the digital and lithographic processes and guides on sizes of paper and corresponding envelopes as well as handy printers’ terms and references and information on how to supply the perfect artwork.

“We know that sometimes printers’ terms and all of the different printing and finishing options available can be overwhelming and so we help customers make informed print decisions. We hope the Print Buyers’ Pack will be useful and help our customers achieve the best possible results from their printing.”

To sign up for your FREE Print Buyers’ Pack click here