Wood Richardson sales team to create a free ‘guide to printing’ pack to help you with all your printing decisions

Wood Richardson is delighted to announce that they are in the process of creating a ‘guide to printing’ pack which will be launched in the New Year and available to all of their customers.

The pack will include helpful tools such as a wallet of different paper stocks so that customers can see and feel a variety of options before deciding which paper to use for their materials and a colour spectrum showing how different colours look when printed using different print methods and across various paper stocks.

Wood Richardson will be providing more information on a different print topic every month in order for people to feel more in control and informed when making print decisions. Topics will include why you should consider digital printing and a handy reference guide on printing terms and references, which can sometimes be confusing.

The ‘guide to printing’ pack will be available to existing and new customers. For more information and to order your pack, please revisit this site in the New Year.

Soap & Glory

To Print 3D or not 3D? That is the question!

Fascinating isn’t it, the prospect of producing 3D objects from a computer file. Imagine turning to a home computer to pop out a replacement part for the vacuum cleaner or spare key for the cat sitter. 3D print could possibly be set to change our lives forever!

It has certainly caught the imagination of the media. We’ve seen example objects from art instillations complete with moving parts, to perfectly formed prosthetics replacing missing body parts. Of course the medium hasn’t escaped controversy as it’s still possible to print out a working hand gun, but it’s fair to say that print of all kinds can be explosive in the wrong hands.

It seems that we’re only bound by our imagination and the substrates we can form and fuse at will. Though while the prospect of a 3D printed Pizza or Burger doesn’t appeal to me, I do appreciate the possibility of a real world application for 3D printed food in the future.

The global market for 3D Print related sales was valued $2.3B in 2013 and is anticipated to reach $8.6B by 2020*, and much of this rise is due to the affordability of desktop 3D printing kit. Now almost anyone can experiment at home. For instance, I have a very smart and credible relative, who’s a specialist software developer for his day job, but is designing and developing a full size, 3D printed Electric Car from the kitchen table in his spare time. Now that’s thinking big!

The impact on the 2D printing industry has been minimal so far, though some wags have 3D printed their own Letterpress Printing Press complete with 3D printed fonts which brings thing full circle somewhat.

So, are Wood Richardson investing in 3D printing? Well, not just now. The technology is fascinating, but the commercial applications just aren’t there for us. Besides, it’s a big jump from printing in volume to one off unique pieces. Not really what a print factory is all about, unless you’re talking about toner on paper. Printing complete bound books with text and images in place in one process would be a fascinating prospect though.

We can however (and always have for that matter) turn 2D printed paper into some amazing 3D objects. Don’t forget that a simple rectangular piece of paper can successfully be folded to make; a hat to protect you from the sun, a cup to drink water from or a bowl to eat from. In China, people have been turning printed paper into 3D objects for centuries, though personally I’d need a computer to guide me through some of those origami folds!

We are experts in printing & die cutting board to form; cartons, pocket folders, wallets and Point of Sale Leaflet holders, dispensers and lots of other paper constructed items, but we’re not going to be moving from 2D to 3D just yet. The advent of a 3D printing device that can deliver near 13,000 items per hour like our 6 colour CD74 press would be exciting though! In the meantime, watch this 3D space.

*Source: http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/9cv6sh/global_3d

Yorkshire ‘Blonde’ Day with Ossett Brewery

As part of Ossett Brewery’s ‘Yorkshire “Blonde” Day’ celebrations Wood Richardson were tasked with designing and producing promotional print for the pubs.

Printing and distributing to all 25 Ossett Brewery pubs and an additional 150 pubs, serving Ossett Brewery’s flagship ale, Yorkshire Blonde.

Bringing The Design Bank on board as the designers for this project, a series of A3 posters, A6 tent cards, and 3500 meters of bunting were produced.

A World Class Digital Print Solution for a World Class Conference Centre

There’s only one place to go when looking for a printer which is able to print a digital print job of this length in one continuous piece, and that’s Wood Richardson. The in-house Xeikon digital press gives this York based family business the flexibility needed to provide unique and quirky solutions for any brief. And the latest was no exception.

The Harrogate International Centre, a renowned world class conference centre, was looking for a new sales brochure, something which could include lots of information about all the different spaces for hire but which was still handy enough for people to pop into their handbags or pocket to keep for future reference. Working with designer Lisa Guest of Cookie Graphic Design, Wood Richardson proved the perfect print partner.

Lynne Hudson, Customer Relations Manager, Harrogate International Centre said: “With a 2,000 seat auditorium, 10 event halls and meeting spaces available to hire, we have a lot to sell and much information to get across to potential venue hirers and event organisers. Cookie Design came up with a winning design which created an impactful pocket sized sales brochure. The job was given to Wood Richardson because of their reputation for being able to digitally print in one continuous piece. I am delighted with the job which has proved popular with our target audience and I wouldn’t hesitate to consider using Wood Richardson again in the future”

As print partner, Wood Richardson pride themselves on attention to detail, working with the client throughout the process to ensure that the end result exceeds expectation. Andrew Ingram, Sales Manager said: “We worked with the client and designer every step of the way, advising them on how best to supply the artwork, ensuring nothing was lost in any of the folds and also sourcing and recommending an alternative velcro fastener rather than the clear sticker which is typically used, which tends to rip the paper once opened.

The 30-page job was printed in one continuous piece, using Wood Richardson’s reel fed Xeikon 500D digital press on 160gsm FSC Colour Copy Offset and finished with 5 parallel creases performed on a modified Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50. The cover was litho printed using 350gsm FSC Infoset Plus Offset and the job completed with a Velcro style hook and loop fastener.

Based in purpose built facilities in York, Wood Richardson was established in 1905 and has been run by the Richardson family since the 1920s.  Its ongoing investment in the latest technology and innovations in print and production machinery combines with the skills and experience of a century of craftsmanship to provide a team of print experts.  Dynamic and responsive, the company works closely with a wide range of customers throughout Yorkshire, delivering high quality print and customer service.

Blog | Print Is Dead?….Long Live Print!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.29.18In today’s online world, you could be forgiven for thinking that the death knell for print has been rung. After all, most businesses have moved much of their marketing spend into more web based marketing haven’t they? The fact that you are reading a blog, online, from a printer is indicative of the direction marketing has moved. It can certainly be argued that the web is a much cheaper and more direct proposition to sell your company’s services to a larger amount of people than a printed campaign would, but is it really effective?

Today’s society is bombarded with web based marketing, whether it’s viewed on a work computer or a personal smartphone. It invades our downtime as well as our working lives.

As clever as a digital marketing campaign may appear to be when discussing it in the boardroom, if your e-shot lands with a chunk of similar ones, it may simply be re-directed to the computers’ trash bin!

The more “tech-savvy” we become as consumers, the quicker we have become accustomed to simply siphoning through the bits that don’t interest us and pressing delete.

That’s not to say online marketing doesn’t work at all, because targeted campaigns can be very successful, but even the best results only gauge an initial interest.

Clever and effective marketing needs to include online and offline techniques to really hit the spot.

Recent studies suggest that a new customer will require an average of 12 contacts before being persuaded to buy, and people respond much more positively if those approaches are made across different media platforms.

This is where Print becomes an essential part of the “Marketing Mix”.

People really respond to physical media. The tactile nature of a piece of print is a wonderful thing and to a generation of younger customers that have grown up in the online world, something of a revelation.

A well designed piece of print collateral is instant. There is no scrolling or “linking” to different web pages to get to the detail across, it’s all there, in your hand to gently peruse at your leisure!

Print can also be personalised through clever digital printing techniques to give an even more tangible and emotional piece of marketing collateral.

Targeted online campaigns can certainly identify potential “warm” prospects, but a thoughtfully designed and beautifully printed brochure, can help convert “prospects” into actual customers.

Flyers, newsletters, postcards, stationery and that most basic form of business print, the business card are all crucial elements that help promote your business offline.

In today’s online world, sometimes people need to escape from the constant buzz of electronic media. It may have changed over the last decade but print is not dead, far from it, it’s regenerated and full of energy!  Long Live Print.

Bunting and The Flying Scotsman

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.56.16On Saturday 14th May, railway enthusiasts were excited to hear that the legendary Flying Scotsman would once again be steaming along the railway tracks of York. Enthusiasts and VIP’s were invited to attend a function at The Sidings Hotel in Shipton-by-Beningbrough to celebrate the occasion, and Wood Richardson were pleased to be asked to supply some of our bunting and hand-waving flags to make sure the event really looked the part.

The Sidings (as the name suggests) sits alongside one of the main railway lines out of York, and so revellers were able to greet the famous train and it’s passengers with a flourish of Union Jack waving whilst enjoy a drink and a meal at The Sidings Bar and Restaurant.

Archbishop Holgates School pupil provides additional help in the Wood Richardson studio


Elizabeth Fountain, an Archbishop Holgate’s School Pupil, joined Wood Richardson on a two week work experience placement recently.

Working closely with Studio Manager, Jason Parker, Elizabeth has cut her teeth in the world of Design for Print with great enthusiasm. “She’s been a pleasure to work with” said Jason, “picking up the complex software really quickly and exceeding all my expectations with the projects I’ve set. It’s a challenging environment working in a busy commercial studio, but Elizabeth has worked very hard and found her place in the team quickly”.

Elizabeth, who is interested in a future career in Graphic Design, has been working on projects like; leaflets, posters and business cards, creating the artwork and overseeing the print production with the team in our Press Room.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here. It’s quite different from school, where we all tend to work in groups on the same project. I’ve been working on my own designs and seeing them come to fruition. Working at Wood Richardson has given me more confidence and I’ve learned a lot about the printing process and the different design software”.

Wood Richardson has a long history of engaging with work experience students and feel its important to encourage young people who are interested in the print industry.

“There is just no substitute for getting hands-on experience of the workplace’ said Sue Gradwell, Chief Executive of NYBEP who help to organise over 6000 student placements every year. “Great if that experience helps students explore their career ideas but they can learn so much more to help them understand what employers are looking for and the wide range of exciting opportunities available to them. It’s amazing what students can achieve in just two weeks, it frequently builds their confidence and even motivates them to achieve more at school.”

Pictured – Elizabeth holding some of her work with Jason Parker Wood Richardson’s Studio Manager.


Wood Richardson meet tall order with ‘I’m as big as…!’ height chart for young ‘Team GB’ climber

Demonstrating the flexibility of digital printing, Wood Richardson proves they will go to extra lengths with the production of an ‘I’m as big as…’ height chart, a recent commission by Snowhome owner Angus McArthur, for his enterprising son Hamish – a rising young British climbing star.

Joseph Rowntree School pupil Hamish, who is 14 years old, is fresh from achieving first place in the Lead Climbing and third in Bouldering at the BMC Open Youth climbing competition. As a member of the GB Youth Climbing Team, his early success is now taking him to competitions in Europe and further afield. Sponsorship and ongoing support is key to help raise the necessary money to fund Hamish’s passion which proved the inspiration behind the design of the height chart.

The fun new ‘I’m as big as…’ charts feature famous climbers as well as a child’s height to scale compared to major mountain peaks of Great Britain and the world. Available for sale through Snowhome, Angus’s contemporary design store based in Gillygate, York and Hamish’s local training centre and sponsor The Red Goat Climbing Centre in Redness Street, all profits help to fund Hamish’s future competitions.

Bringing the job to fruition was Simon Pirie, Sales Manager, Wood Richardson. He said: “It was a delight to work with Angus on developing this 2.1 metre climbing themed height chart for Hamish.  It’s not the sort of thing most printers can produce, but with our Xeikon digital press and its sheer flexibility, we were able to rise to the challenge, but more importantly, help Hamish with his.”

“The job was printed in one continuous piece, using Wood Richardson’s reel fed Xeikon 500D digital press on 350gsm Mondi Color Copy board. With 5 parallel creases performed on a modified Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50, the job suited the press perfectly and the result exceeded even our expectations.”

And the height chart is proving very popular. Angus McArthur said: “It allows young and old, tall or small to measure themselves against an amazing scale of inspiring climbers and consider the contrast in size to GB’s major mountain peaks. This is one in a series of ‘I’m as big as…’ height charts that I have developed with the help of Mode Design and Wood Richardson, all inspired by my son Hamish and his ambition to conquer Europe!”

Based in purpose built facilities in York, Wood Richardson was established in 1905 and has been run by the Richardson family since the 1920s.  Its ongoing investment in the latest technology and innovations in print and production machinery combines with the skills and experience of a century of craftsmanship to provide a team of print experts.  Dynamic and responsive, the company works closely with a wide range of customers throughout Yorkshire, delivering high quality print and customer service.

Read the PrintWeek article  here

Pulling out the stops for York Artists

Spring is in the air for Artists and Makers in York as an ever changing group, selected to present a different mix of people and media, form the York Open Studios event across the City. This Year, more than 70 venues will exhibit the work of almost 100 artists over two consecutive weekends stating Friday 15th April 2016.

Over the group’s 14 year history, Wood Richardson have been involved in producing the all-important Directory, guiding visitors to the Galleries and Artist’s Studios that open especially for the event.

Working closely with members of the YOS committee, Sales Manager, Simon Pirie has helped evolve the directory from a simple map form, to the Full colour 36 page Directory needed to represent the growing number of Artists and Makers.

“YOS is a really important project that puts the spotlight on some of York’s most creative people, says Simon. From behind the scenes access to studios and workshops, to fantastic exhibitions and the opportunity to own some unique objects, it’s a wonderful way to spend a weekend too!”

Perfect bound Directory with Pull Out Map

Perfect bound Directory with Pull Out Map

Intrinsic to the success of the Directory is the pull-out map that pin points the locations and cross references the artist listings within. It’s specially die cut, folded and inserted during the binding process so that it is held securely and is conveniently perforated to be removed for use.

To get your free copy of the YOS 2016 Directory look for pick-up points on the YOS website.


York Open Studio – April 15th, 16th, 17th, 23rd & 24th April 2016.