Blog | Free health check to help you sort out your customer database

As marketing and communications professionals we have probably all had to deal with the nightmare of out-of-date customer databases during our careers. Sorting out-of-date or inaccurate information to ensure that we have correct names and addresses in order to do a mailing or roll out a marketing campaign is often considered part of the role.

Sending out mailings with inaccurate data can have negative repercussions. Getting names and contact details wrong can impact on what your customers or potential customers think of you – not ideal if you are trying to position yourself as a professional organisation who wants to build long-term relationships with your clients.

In a world where a personalised approach achieves results, looking after your data becomes more and more crucial. It allows your business to build better relationships with customers, which embeds loyalty and can lead to an increase in sales and long-term customer retention.

Having up-to-date and good quality data can reap huge benefits for your business. A major one of these benefits is a reduction of costs. As well as reducing mailing costs by having an up-to-date database, a company can save money on productivity and staff costs when employees don’t have to spend large amounts of time searching for missing data or rectifying inaccurate records.

When you choose Wood Richardson as your printer of choice, we can offer you a free health check to determine if your data is clean, well formatted and if it is likely to reach its intended recipient.

If your data is of good quality, then great. But if it isn’t we can cleanse your data to ensure you reach as many contacts as possible in order to get a better return on the time and money invested in the campaign.

All in all the quality of your data matters. Bad data can have a negative impact on your business whilst good quality data helps to reduce costs and improves customer satisfaction and relationships. So whilst unravelling all of those contact details may feel like a never-ending battle, most organisations think it’s a price worth paying in order to reap the rewards.


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