Blog | Little things can make a big difference!

Most, if not all, printing companies will lay claim to excellent quality, cost-effective pricing and ‘on-time’ delivery; in this highly competitive market, who would blame them?  These ‘big things’ can go a long way to securing long-term partnerships with clients.  Having said that ‘it is the little things that make the difference’ and this will separate you from the crowd.

For example, answering emails promptly. Even if it is just a quick reply saying, “I’m looking into this” or “we will get back to you soon.” If an email is left unanswered for too long, even if you are looking in to the issue, a lack of a response will lead to frustration and then, inevitably, follow-up emails or phone calls, as the customer is left wondering if the issue or question is being worked on at all.

Also look at the final steps of a job; proof of delivery, invoices, stock reports etc.  If you take care of these promptly, you can make a big difference. In fact, these steps can be almost as important to the overall customer satisfaction as the production work itself.

Sometimes, with all else being equal, it is these things that can tip the scales in your favour. Even if your price is slightly higher, if your client knows they’ll have a more seamless experience, with less prompting for needed information, it should be an easy decision to go with the printer that remembers the ‘little things’.