Congratulations Tim!

Tim, our sales manager, successfully completed his second marathon of the year earlier this month as he took part in Plus Net’s York Marathon on Sunday 8th October. He was determined to beat his London time of just over six hours and raise as much money as possible for MNDA. We are very proud of his achievement. Have a read of Tim’s journey from start to finish.

“Following my disappointment of my London marathon time, and despite vowing never to run again, the appeal of York’s ‘flat course’ was too great. So, I signed myself up to another 26.2miles of sheer torture for both body and mind!

At the start line, I was filled with anticipation knowing that I was fitter than I was in London. The adrenaline kicks in and we’re off!

I don’t think it is possible to truly describe the feeling of connection you get with the other hundreds of runners who are all pumped with the same enthusiasm regardless of their individual goal or agenda. So, needless to say I was happy and things were going well.

The support from everyone on the route was fantastic; from the groups of people cheering you on at the Minster, to the vicar at Stockton, to the steel band at Claxton. Everyone had one common interest, to see you succeed!

I struggled as I turned the corner at Stamford Bridge and my niggling knee became a strain. Following a longer than expected stop at the first aid tent just before Gate Hessley, I was advised to retire from the run. This didn’t sit too well with me.

Pulling my knee strap out of my pouch and pulling it as tight as I could, I pushed on with the remaining 10 miles. My aim was now to complete the route rather than achieve my target time.

I can’t possibly describe what it was like from then on, but the support from my friends was enough motivation to get me to the finish line.

Out of breath and with only one fully functioning knee, I completed the course in 5hrs and 43mins. To my surprise, it was 30 minutes quicker than my London time making it possible for me to hang up my running shoes!

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on, friends and strangers, and to everyone who sponsored me. We raised a fantastic £1,013 for MNDA!

In future, I think just 5k runs will be enough.”