Blog | Making it personal


We live in a world with more and more options available to us. We can buy online as easily as nipping to the local high street. With this comes higher expectations from customers who want to feel like they are getting good customer service, however they choose to shop. This means businesses need to get smarter with their marketing both on and offline.

There’s no doubt that building relationships with our customers pays off. Delivering a quality experience:

  • Builds customer loyalty and provides a higher return on the time, effort and money spent.
  • Allows you to create customer profiles and develop your database.
  • Increases your sales and marketing engagement.

But how can you build relationships with customers via offline marketing channels?

If you think of every direct mail that you send out as an opportunity to find out more about your customer, you can begin to segment your database and create customer profiles. Who responds to your campaigns? What do they spend? What do they buy or want to know?

When you have captured this data you can start to personalise your marketing. This may begin with using a customer’s name (correctly!) and could progress to adding personal information into letters or mailings such as ‘Thanks for your recent purchase of….’ or ‘It was good to see you recently at….’ – creating a truly personalised approach.

At Wood Richardson, as well as sorting all of your print requirements, we can help you to create a personal approach from adding names to mailings through to highly targeted and individualised mail outs.

A recent survey undertaken on what people care about when receiving a mailing found that 74% of people felt receiving something containing their correct name and address was important. 43% liked seeing their name in the mailing and 31% said that personalised text and images, made them feel more loyal to the sender.

At a time when the online world is getting better at a personalised approach to achieve results, we have to make sure that we are upping the standards across all marketing channels. By being prepared to take the time to get to know our customers so that we can offer them what they actually want, we are creating a mutually beneficial relationship that’s a win-win.