The August bank holiday weekend saw a throng of activity in the streets of York as the inaugural Micklegate Soapbox Challenge charged through the famous cobbled quarter.

Soapbox Carts of all shapes and types of construction where cheered along by an enormous crowd of onlookers. The Team from WR were immersed in the action with their “Woodies Work & Tumble” specially constructed Gravity Racer with Studio Manager, Jason “The Stig’s slower Cousin” Parker at the helm.  Alan Coulson and Andrew Ingram of the Sales Team were on hand to give the initial push off the 4 metre high ramp towering over Micklegate to see an impressive run time of 48 seconds.

Sadly the boys didn’t win any prizes, but the atmosphere at the event and the fun of the build was totally worth the effort.

Massive thanks go to the Micklegate Business Initiative who put the event together and a huge well done to the other teams who participated in fine spirit.

We’ve been raising money for the York charity SASH, and there’s still time to contribute via: