Spot on colour matching for Vintro Paint Charts

The UK’s fastest growing manufacturer and distributor of chalk paint has been working with Wood Richardson to produce a paint chart that truly reflects all of the different colours they offer.

Vintro Paints, which supplies chalk paints for the fast-growing market of painting furniture, was established 18 months ago to fill a gap in the UK market. The business has quickly expanded and now supplies to clients across Europe.

Jason Clare, Managing Director of Vintro Paints said: “We needed a Paint Chart that accurately represented all of the paints we sell. We had created a chart with another supplier but some of the colours didn’t match our paints closely enough and I had resorted to hand painting labels to stick onto the chart in order to show the right colour. Wood Richardson has managed to replicate our paint colours perfectly and this is exactly what we needed so that our clients are confident when selecting colours from the chart and get a product that meets their expectations.”

Simon Pirie from Wood Richardson managed this outcome by analysing the closest CMYK values of the actual paint colour and then mixing with Spot colours and metallic inks in order to get the exact colour match. Wood Richardson then printed the charts on their Heidelberg 6 Colour Press in time for Vintro Paints to use to meet a large Finnish order and Vintro Paints are delighted with the result.

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