At Wood Richardson we’re known for our innovation. Our latest investment is in a technology that offers state-of-the-art tools to make the printing process smarter for everyone.

What is web-to-print?

In simple terms, web-to-print is a convenient way for you to order your print remotely online, so you have more control of brand management and print buying. Accessible and simple to use, the software stores previous artwork making it easy to reorder items such as business cards.

In reality, it’s a complex array of software solutions delivering sophisticated levels of print on demand.

This bespoke online ordering portal can offer you and your colleagues:

  • Live Pricing: Confirmed instant quotation, based on your choice of quantity, materials or other parameters.
  • Artwork Submission: Upload new files with instant flight checking and PDF preview approval.
  • Brand Management:  Preloaded and approved artwork for multiple points of order and lots more.
  • Variable Data Printing: Population of existing designs with data from instantly creating unique artwork for each piece to be printed.
  • Personalisation: Predefined artwork, editable at point of order for text and imagery
  • Stock Control: Pre-printed stock call off with early warning for reordering

Talk to us today about how web-to-print can work for you.